As human beings, we will all experience some form of trauma. It may come in many forms – being witness to a traumatic event, becoming involved in an accident, having an operation, suffering from illness, losing a loved one or having violence inflicted upon us physically or emotionally.

The mere act of living in today’s society can be extremely stressful. Most of us will experience chronic levels of stress from our workplaces and over-scheduled home lives. This can cause tension in our bodies as our nervous system becomes overburdened.

Recent developments in neuroscience have revealed the intimate, intertwined relationship between the mind and body. These developments have led scientists to understand that trauma is in fact first a physiological response. This physiological response then results in the emotional and psychological symptoms we are more familiar with. 

Trauma, chronic stress and abandonment leaves a real, physical imprint on your body, not only changing the neural pathways in your brain but also creating inflammation and chronic tension within your tissues. The result of this inflammation is chronic illness and pain. In order to truly heal from tension and trauma we need to address the origin of the trauma – the body.

Intentional Healing takes a body-centred approach to healing from trauma, anxiety and stress so that you are able to meaningfully reconnect with yourself and live a fulfilling life. Founded by Charisse Fourie, a trauma survivor, Intentional Healing uses holistic healing modalities, such as Tension and Trauma Releasing ExercisesMindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help clients shift old patterns of trauma and tension to facilitate emotional and physical healing.  

Shake off stress and release tension in the body

Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that calms down the nervous system. This therapeutic tremoring helps the body release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma that are held in the body.

Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is a self-empowering resource to literally shake off stress, tension and trauma on a regular basis to help you create:

  • deeper relaxation
  • improved sleep
  • reduced pain
  • greater resilience
  • reduced occupational stress
  • improved core stability
  • more energy and vitality
  • stronger mindfulness
  • faster physical and emotional recovery
  • empowered relationships
  • natural calm and patience

TRE® is safe for all ages can be done in groups or in one-on-one sessions. TRE can be done online in the safety of your own home or in-person with Charisse Fourie at her practice in Swellendam or in Cape Town when she hosts workshops.

Upcoming events

Intentional Healing hosts workshops, retreats and online programmes where these healing modalities are used to facilitate nervous system healing.

{Short Pause} Online Programme

Join Charisse Fourie and registered counsellor Marina Galletis for this online Short Pause. This online programme allows you to take a short pause from your busy life to learn effective self-care techniques through both an emotional and physical lens. 

*Depending on your medical aid policy you can claim back a portion of the {Short Pause} costs.

Bookings and info: or

{Short Pause} In-Person Workshop

Join Charisse Fourie and registered counsellor Marina Galletis for this full day workshop where you will experience the power of connection, nurturing, curiosity and intention. This is an interactive workshop that will teach you self-care techniques that will help you recharge your self-care tank. The workshop includes tea, snacks and lunch. 

Bookings and info: or

Healing Weekend Retreat

This weekend healing retreat focusing on helping participants shift old survival energy and release stored tension and trauma. Healing modalities participants will experience are:

  • Daily morning Kundalini Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • TRE 
  • Singing Bowls
  • Gong Sound Bath
  • Nourishing meals
  • Connection
  • Massages
  • Wood-fired hot tub
  • Two nights 5-star luxury accommodation

Bookings and info:

Weekly Classes

Each weekly class of Shaking, Breathing and Meditating for Health and Wellbeing will combine mindfulness and meditation with deep relaxation, tension releasing exercises, somatic movements and breathwork.

Across 90 minutes of calm Charisse Fourie, TRE Provider & Wellbeing Coach, will guide you through a range of empowering techniques that provide the foundations you need for healing, nervous system regulation and positive mental health.


Drop in: R250
6-class package: R1,200
12-class package: R2,100

For more information please contact Charisse

072 195 1295 /

Private Sessions

Charisse operates from a practice in Swellendam. You can make an appointment if you want to learn how to use TRE to reduce anxiety, stress and release old trauma. Charisse also offers wellbeing coaching to help you achieve a sense of wellbeing and inner calm, using breathwork, mindfulness, nutrition and meditation. 

Rates: R450 per session (60 – 90 mins)
Bookings and info: You can contact Charisse
072 195 1295 or email