Gardening, Need to know

Hemp trumps cotton

By: Steven Daniel So the research for this article started off with looking at Cotton Facts on Cotton SA, and admittedly it really didn’t look that bad. It only takes 3% of the agricultural area of the world and produces…

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Need to know

Stop Shell’s Seismic Destruction

Shell has announced it will start a seismic survey in search of oil or gas deposits from Morgan Bay to Port St Johns on December 1. There was no public participation process and I have asked for the Environmental Impact Assessment…

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Off Balance

Fracking – Snap, crackle and pop!

Despite changing the venue at the last minute, around 300 people made it to the Shell public meeting at Kelvin Grove in Cape Town regarding their fracking prospectus for the greater Karoo. Shell’s representatives and an independent facilitator were on…

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Need to know, Wellness

Five benefits of CBD

Do you suffer from the misery of pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, or insomnia? Take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book and turn to CBD as an alternative therapy to treat a range of conditions.¹ Throughout history, human beings have…

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