This biomimicry foundational course will give you all the skills and tools you need to learn from the genius of nature – anytime, anywhere.

The Biomimicry Foundational Course helps you to:

  • grasp the fundamental concepts to practically apply biomimicry, using engaging visuals and real-world examples
  • gain the winning strategies found amongst the species surviving and thriving on Earth 
  • access tools to evaluate how your project/organisation is creating conditions conducive to life
  • deep diver into biomimicry and systems thinking
  • become a lifelong learner with three digital handbooks (one for each course) to use in perpetuity
  • See Nature as Model, Measure and Mentor
  • Gain a certificate of completion (recognised by the Biomimicry Institute)
  • Find hope along the way
What would nature do? This is the first question that the Learn Biomimicry team ask before they launch something, create something, or design something. If you don’t ask, it’s impossible to start integrating biomimicry. So, how would nature integrate biomimicry?

Locally Attuned: Using readily available materials and energy, nature is locally attuned and uniquely adapted to its ecosystem. That’s why this is a project-based programme, to ensure you’re learning is unique to your own context. The outcome? You’re able to build on existing knowledge and integrate development with growth. 

Function: How does nature (function)? A clear direction brings more than you thought possible. Within the programme, you will get the tools, frameworks, support, and time for you to do the work you’ve been holding back. Some of the alumni take the leap to start a business, integrate biomimicry within their organisation, change careers, write a book, or start a consultancy.

Resilience: With a world that continues to change, it can be hard to prepare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. Together we can adapt to changing conditions and push past perceived limitations, practice shifting our mindset, and learn how to replicate nature’s winning strategies.

Powerful network: Self-organised and diverse, there is safety (and encouragement) in numbers and that applies here too. The alumni network is made up of top leaders from different industries, of different ages and backgrounds, and from more than +20 countries. With the shared drive to level up, there are no limits.

Designers, sustainability experts, consultants, biologists, engineers, founders, architects, educators, and people in a hurry – all find new ways of thinking, build confidence, change learning cultures, and have the tools, support, and frameworks to pursue any project they dream up.

The Biomimicry Practitioners Programme exists to help you confidentially practice and apply biomimicry in the working world. This programme exists to change how you think about nature, to equip you with new tools in your toolkit, and most importantly, to enable you to start integrating and applying biomimicry professionally.

P.S. Take a look at the 10 Lessons from a Biomimicry Practitioner to see how Learn Biomimicry impacted their journey.

The next Biomimicry Practitioner Programme kicks off on the 4th of June 2024. The application due date is Friday the 31st of May 2024. Ready to become a Biomimicry Practitioner? Apply here“The Biomimicry Practitioner Programme was one of the best investments of time and energy I’ve made since completing my MBA program many years ago and provided exactly the immersive, applied, accelerated, and mentored experience I was seeking” Andrew Courtney -Senior Director, Science & Innovation Programs, National Geographic Read all Biomimicry Practitioner reviews here
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