By Melissa Baird.

When we consider our lives and what we wish to bring into them we often fail due to lack of motivation and allowing the stresses of everyday life to overshadow how we wish to be – our very best. Life Alignment is a modality I have explored to help me through tough times, and I have found the guidance received most useful in getting me back on track.

How does it work and what can it do to benefit you? I chatted to Paul Waldeck – Life Alignment practitioner in the Western Cape and he shared his gifted insights about the process and the power of gratitude.

MB – Paul tell us about how your life path led you to train as a Life Alignment practitioner and what you have learned so far?
PW – I’ve found that my life is a multi-layered path of challenges and awakenings to the truth of who I am, which seems to be a universal thing for so many. This search for Self and my own spiritual understanding of life, attracted me to Life Alignment and quantum energy healing, which I connected to most deeply having experienced its value as a client and having researched many other modalities, as practitioner options. Diving in, I discovered that Life Alignment was a process of getting to the deep core of my emotional wounds and inner resistances that create patterns of behaviour that were not serving me, even though they were created with the best intentions, like to keep me safe. Once these wounds were felt and released, I had more energy and inner freedom to positively alter my choices and behaviours in an authentic direction which served my highest good

MB – How do we get to understand the concept of inner resistance and why does it block so many of us despite our best intentions?

PW – It’s supportive process, which encapsulates a number of quantum and energetic modalities to help remove the blocks one may have around a particular issue and shift our lives in a positive direction.
A balance, as a session is called, consists of three stages: identifying a priority, which could be a physical body point or a tool e.g., the Life Path or Circle chart. Then a story is uncovered which the client mentally delves into. And finally, the emotional balance which the client emotionally connects to through a series of questions that the practitioner dowses for or tests for using kinesiology.
We have a saying in Life Alignment that “the deeper you feel, the deeper you heal.”
This really is where the shifts and magic happen; by giving the client the opportunity to feel through and release emotions that should have been felt in the past but were suppressed due to any number of reason’s life throws at us.
Overall, the client is really their own healer and does the work. The practitioner simply guides and reflects the client’s own super conscious wisdom, to support a shift in energy and consciousness.

A balance can be done in person or remotely over the internet.  Being a quantum modality proximity isn’t required for the effect to be experienced and the energy to shift.
My long-term clients have given me incredible support and faith in the modality through their feedback and their consistent return to shift deeper levels of stuck emotional energy that is not serving them.  
MB – In spiritual work I often hear how important it is to be grateful for what already exists in one’s life. Tell me more about this concept.

PW -Gratitude can be tangibly magnetic in raising one’s vibration to come into alignment with the frequency match of that which one wants to manifest in life. I’ve stopped and started gratitude journals for many years. What I’ve found to be a key companion to this practice is, after writing, to really feel the gratitude and emotion of this outcome – feeling the emotional vibration of what I’m grateful for instead of just disconnectedly writing it down. These combined practices have really boosted my manifestation results and can highly recommend trying it.

MB – How can we make decisions that stick, in other words stick to what we intend to be the best thing for our development?  

PW -Once we’ve cleared out the blocks and resistances to positive new energy coming into our lives through processes like Life Alignment, we can begin to plant and grow new positive choices. However, new choices like seeds, need constant watering and nurturing otherwise they tend to shrivel, which can happen despite our best intentions. To embed a choice as a rooted tree a habit must be created, by consistently integrating this new choice into our lives. This then becomes a belief with its own energetic signature that attracts a matching vibration of outcomes and circumstances that we experience as our lives.
Any exercise that consistently reinforces new choices and patterns of behaviour would be good. I use a combination of setting micro goals (small short-term easily achievable objectives to achieve the big goal) and consistently acknowledge and celebrate each micro goal I reach.

Just remember two things:
1. Reinforce immediately after achieving it- A shorter time between a behaviour and positive reinforcement makes a stronger connection.
2. Consistency is everything. If you fall off your horse, keep getting back on. If you let the horse disappear into the sunset, it’s back to square one.
So once the old cobwebs are cleared we can get into the habit of making our choices habits by practicing consistency every day, to attract a vibrational match more quickly and sustainably.

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