A few months ago we gave away copies of The Story of the Fly and how it could save the world by Jason Drew and Justine Joseph to a few lucky subscribers. Jason Drew, a game changing environmental capitalist, has a lot to say about new ways of doing things that not only can make money—but do a whole lot towards improving food production that won’t see species dying off as a result. Winner of numerous awards for his brilliant initiatives, Jason is an entrepreneur and a leader in the new wave of ‘good’ business leaders to watch and a social change agent of note.

Here is a review of this innovative book and the species that may save us all via jasonjdrew.com:

The Story of the FlyThe fly exists on every inhabited continent, yet few if any of us understand its importance and use and fewer still how it could be at the core of a new industry. This is a fun and businesslike look, about an insect that we consider an unwanted pest.

The Story of the Fly and how it could save the world, will take you behind the pesky reputation and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly. It investigates the black soldier fly and how man has tried (tirelessly, often unsuccessfully) to kill it—exploring everything from how it walks on ceilings to how it survived ice ages and can even outsmart all manner of fly swats, toxins and traps. The book also reveals how, throughout history, innovative humans—including Napoleon Bonaparte’s surgeon, NASA, various forensic entomologist and the UK National Health Services—have harnessed researched the fly to help mankind. But ultimately it introduces the fly as a future hero that could help save the world. How? By recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein. That’s a story worth telling. And one worth reading, too.

Purchase The Story of the Fly through Cheviot Publishing here.