By Lia Labuschagne

Things to do in Moer & Gone Places by Jacques Marais

Moer & Gone Places

‘It is a feeling. It is that immaculate sense of headspace that you get when you realise that you have – against all odds in our crowded contemporary world – managed to get away from it all.’ This is how author Jacques Marais explains the colloquial South African expression ‘moer & gone’. He has found 102 of the best places in Southern Africa (in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique) that most fit this description. Here one can leave behind traffic noise, crowds and WI-FI connectivity, and find opportunities to get back in touch with Mother Nature and enjoy outdoor activities away from it all.

The destinations are listed in alphabetical order, with important information about features and how to get there, accommodation (contact details and GPS coordinates are provided for each), and the reasons to visit. Activities covered range from hiking, biking, scenic day or night drives, motor-biking, stargazing, bird watching, running, fishing, water sport, 4×4 routes and rock climbing, to discovering more about local culture and history.

If you like being outdoors, include this guide when you pack your vehicle for your next adventure.

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