By Lia Labuschagne

Gardening for Butterflies by Steve Woodhall & Linday Gray

Gardening for Butterflies

Here is something to help us plan and plant our outdoor spaces so that they invite butterflies and moths to visit. Butterflies are a sign of healthy gardens and this book explains how to make the adjustments that will attract these insects. The contents was planned in a way that provides one all the background information and practical advice you need. It starts with a discussion about ecosystems and gardens as a conservation tool, and then covers 95 butterflies and moths, with descriptions and the authors’ own excellent photographs of their full life cycles – from egg to caterpillar, pupa and butterfly. Each description includes notes about their behaviour and the plants that are most likely to attract them.

The authors then provide details about how to structure a garden and include the essential elements to attract butterflies. A case study of how such a garden was planned in KwaZulu-Natal, examples of mature butterfly gardens, as well as information on further reading, make this a hands-on guide that will inspire gardeners to cater for fluttering beauties.

Struik Nature ISBN 978-1-77584-124-1