By Melissa Baird

We are giving away bottles of Earthbound Chenin Blanc wine – a delicious organic wine goes jolly marvellously with this recipe I tried out the other day.

Recipe: Kitchari

Ingredients: ( Serves 4)

Earthbound - Chenin NV

115 g yellow split dahl or green lentils (I used yellow dahl – very nutty in flavour and texty)

1 onion – chopped

1 garlic clove – crushed

50 grams butter or ghee

30 ml coconut oil

225 grams easy cook Basmati rice (rinsed and kept aside)

1 ml ground coriander

10 ml cumin seeds

2 cloves

3 cardamom pods

2 bay leaves

1 stick cinnamon (I used more as I like cinnamon)

1 litre vegetable stock

30 ml tomato puree (choose puree from a carton box not a can)

Himalayan salt and ground black pepper – to taste

Chopped fresh parsley to garnish


Cover dahl with hot water and let stand for about 10 minutes. Fry onion and garlic till soft in the butter and oil, add rice and coat all grains in the mixture. Stir in all spices. Then add rinsed lentils, stock, tomato puree and seasoning. Bring to the boil and then let simmer for about 20 minutes – or until all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. Stir in the coriander or parsley and remove the bay leaves and cinnamon stick before serving.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of Earthbound Chenin Blanc and you will be feasting on nature’s bounty.

Recipe adapted from Inspired Vegetarian by Christine Ingram – Hermes House ISBN 1-84309-582-3