Superb summer buys

With the hours of sunlight becoming more abundant as the days grow longer, now is the perfect time to invest in some solar powered goodies.Developed in the UK for festival goers who were tired of not being able to charge their phones and other items, ‘Bang Bang’ tents contain a solar power ‘bank’ consisting of a panel that is slipped into the back of a tent with a number of power points. The specially designed fabric is durable enough to withstand downpours or the baking sun. Additionally the brightly coloured patterns will help you navigate your way through seas of tents in the dark. This tent is an investment in more ways than one (as it comes at a price; excluding shipping from the UK). To see the range, please visit:

Mooni solar garden lights.
For a glow in the garden after dark, think about adding a little ‘moon’ in exchange for the sun. Developed in Sweden, Mooni are the designers and creators of beautiful garden lights designed to blend in with one’s own foliage. These lights come in a wide range and can be hung from a tree, nestled into a pot plant or stick out from the ground. They are a striking addition to any garden as well as requiring very little maintenance. The range can be found at Lighting Warehouse franchises across the country. To see more lights, please visit:

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