Pests be gone


When thinking about what humans derive the most joy from in life, pets are arguably high up on that list. They love one unconditionally, are always excited when their owners come home, and are equally as devastated when they leave (even if it’s a quick trip to the shops). Although these domestic bundles of bliss can really make a home, unfortunately they may become a mobile home to some less desirable creatures. These pesky tenants as one can probably guess- are fleas, and if you have ever been nibbled by one you will understand the excruciating itch which comes with these nasty little pests. Flea powders and sprays are all well and good, but often they leave a nasty sticky feel, smell terrible and leave one’s pet feeling miserable.

Instead of the usual de-fleaing methods, try this homemade dip created by Vondis pet specialists (Seapoint, Cape Town) that will kill unwanted guests and not irritate the skin under your pet’s coat. Vondis has developed a 5 step approach in treating skin which we have had great success and which is safe and holistic.
Natural Skin Dip

  1. Prepare a basin of Rooibos Tea using 5 – 8 tea bags
  2. Add half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to stop scratching
  3. Add a half a cup of Vondis Khakibos spray for flea and Ticks
  4. Add a few bunches of fresh Rosemary – optional
  5. Add a few squirts of Vondis Buchu Moisturising oil for dry skin – optional

Once the water has cooled and you have removed the tea bags and rosemary, submerge your dog and hold him in this soothing water for 8 -10 minutes. This will also help to drown the fleas.

For more information and to take a look at what else Vondis have to offer, please visit: www.vondis.co.za


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