Meridian magic

If you thought Swedish massage was deep then it is a shallow pond in comparison to the depths that acupuncturist can reach when working on your body.

ayurveda_conceptTraditionally, acupuncture massages work by using three techniques, the first being a general massage which is the most standard method. This is good for maintaining a state of balance within the energetic system as well as being marvellous for soft tissue complaints and overall relaxation. The next technique he uses is more in keeping with that of a sports massage and it is effective in treating specific ailments like frozen shoulders, stiff and sore muscles from over-exercise or repetitive strain injury.

The real treatment secret, though, is Meridian Organ massage, a technique we are not readily familiar with in this country. This treatment and this form of massage takes a bit longer than usual to perfect.
Meridian Organ massage is very good for treating digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and can aid in helping to rebalance the hormonal system, making it an effective way of treating irregular periods and sexual dysfunction like low libido.

A simple diagnostic procedure precedes the treatment including a complete analysis of your energy system and the condition of your major organs by feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue.
Traditional Chinese Medicines relies on these seemingly strange diagnostic tools to give the practitioner an overview of your body’s wellbeing. To the trained eye the condition and colour of your lips can tell the condition of your spleen. The depth and rate of your pulse gives clues about your overall energy levels and the shape and size of your tongue is also a key indicator in determining your state of health. Once the diagnosis is complete a massage technique is chosen focusing on the relevant meridians needing care. It is not always pleasant as some of the points can be quite sensitive but the relief you experience after a treatment is worth so much more than a few moments of sensitivity.

However you may feel after your treatment, be it great, drained, ill or reborn it is only the first feeling to emerge before you reach the transcended state of wellness that happens when you are re-connected to your energy frequencies. All your switches are on, your energy has been shifted, your body has that ‘light bulb’ moment which is its memory that health is its natural state.

For more information on acupuncture and acupuncture massages, please visit The Chinese Medicine Practice website: http://www.chinesemedicinepractice.co.za/Acupuncture.htm

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