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The Scraps Book

The Scraps Book A Waste-Less Cookbook We have been waiting for this recipe book full of great ideas for what to do with the fruit, veges and grains in your kitchen that may be looking a little worse for wear…

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Imagining the unimaginable

By Nicola Jackman SOUL Circus This story is a source of hope for me as I see all around me, how even with the global challenges and subsequent regulations that separate and divide us, humanity’s imaginal cells are awakening all…

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Game Changers

Ahoy! It’s Captain Fanplastic…

By: Melissa Baird At the end of 2018, Soapbox South Africa launched an educational programme called Captain Fanplastic, that contributes to the UN’s 14th Sustainable Development Goal. The learning objective is to create a mindset that plastic is #NoTrashButTreasure. The call to action is to pick…

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Water – Wiser

By: Melissa Baird I met the Japanese author and researcher; a natural “scientist” Dr Maseru Emoto in 2008, the same year I launched Life in Balance , South Africa’s first conscious-consumer, lifestyle publication. His research in to the power of…

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Cricket Flour Power

By: Melissa Baird I recently attended the Pioneers 18 conference in Vienna, Austria. This slickly produced, high tech conference won the event of the year last year and they sure put on a show. The co-host was a humanoid robot…

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Ancient African Skywatchers

This is a 4 min film on the MIND BLOWING work of Dean Liprini. The content is fascinating, on ancient Earth temples and their sacred art, right at the tip of Africa on Table Mountain!

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No prescription needed

  It has become fairly common practice that at the first signs of illness a prescription for antibiotics is handed out, like M&Ms with little thought to the consequences of what they may be doing to other, healthy parts of…

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