bushamn winter has come (1)The Bushman Winter has come – Paul John Myburgh

The True Story of The Last Band of /Gwikwe Bushmen on the Great Sand Face

The author spent seven years with the “People of the Great Sand Face” spiritually and physically immersed in their way of living; observing as he did the community dynamics, the simple yet profound roles of hunter gatherers, their mythology of the world’s creation and deep knowledge and reverence for the animals they hunted. “Are your eyes nicely open” is a /Gwikwe’s morning greeting that captured the imagination and attention of the author and throughout the story of this last band of ancient people he questions indeed how open are our eyes are to the world we inhabit as city dwellers and ‘civilised people’? Myburgh is an anthropologist and multiple award winning documentary film –maker. His extraordinary tale is a must for soul adventurers, travellers and anyone who loves a profound story. Without doubt the modern world has robbed humanity of their connections to the sacred nature of themselves and their connection to the natural world. But as in all evolutionary paths there is hope that the human race will remember those ancestral connections and that will indeed enable our response to the question to be: “Yes.”

ISBN: 978-0-14-353066-4 Penguin Non Fiction

Reviewed by Melissa Baird