sugar cover (1)Sugar Free 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction – Karen Thomson & Kerry
Hammerton with Dietician Tamzyn Campbell – Foreword by Professor Tim Noakes

I was very keen to get my hands on this book because I have realised what a sugar nut I am. Hot on the heels of the Banting diet revolution that proved that good fat is good for you – is research proving that sugar is absolutely not. Sugar is added to 99% of processed food products and most of us are addicted to it. With that awareness I needed a way out of this sugar hole and this book is the ultimate guide and counsellor. Written by a dietician and life coach this is more than just a recipe book; it is a journey through the what, why and how to give up sugar and carbs. In essence a recipe for glowing health.

ISBN: 978-1-920289-82-9 Sunbird Publishers

Reviewed by Melissa Baird