Last month we looked at vertical indoor gardens that functioned on hydroponic systems and just a few days after the last newsletter was sent out I came across an amazing story about a company that has invested in vertical gardening on a mass scale. Situated in Newark, the biggest city in New Jersey, a dynamic company named Aerofarms has partnered with property management firm RBH Group and other investors in order to pilot the first phase of a farming project that aims to grow large amounts of crops using the principles of aeroponics.technical-diagram

Housed in a converted steel factory, this farm is straight out of the future. The urban vertical farm will use AeroFarms’ innovative aeroponics technology that grows soil-free plants by spraying a mist of high-nutrient solution onto the crops. Instead of soil, the plants take root in a permeable micro fleece cloth stretched across modular and stackable planters. The  process uses recycled water, zero pesticides, zero fertilizers, and takes up less space and resources than traditional farming.

If this project turns out the way investors hope it will, this could change the face of farming and offer some sound solutions for food security.

Article courtesy from: http://inhabitat.com/worlds-largest-indoor-vertical-farm-will-produce-2-million-pounds-of-soil-free-food-in-newark/market-893rendered/?extend=1\