South Africans know how to enjoy a cool beer on a summer’s evening. But many of us know little about the background to the local beer industry – and especially about the smaller, boutique brands.

The history of beer brewing in South Africa dates back to Francis Velazquez (a woman disguised as a man!) and Goa O’Drosty, a beer brewer who was part of the crew on Bartholomeu Dias’ ship in 1488. The pair were abandoned at Hout Bay and set down roots at what became Constantia. Jump ahead a few centuries, and today South Africa’s big beer brands are consumed internationally.

In addition, there is also a multitude of craft breweries making different types of beer. This guide by Jacques van Zyl details some of the history and methods of beer-brewing internationally, but mainly it concentrates on the multitude of small, local brewers.

Information about how they started their businesses, the types of beer they brew, and whether they also have tasting, accommodation and restaurant facilities, is supplemented by maps, and detailed contact information, including GPS coordinates. This book is a treasure for those who want to try out some of the ales, lagers and other types of beer produced at the interesting array of craft breweries throughout the country.

ISBN 978-1-77026-596-7 Map Studio