Coffee lovers delight in discovering great places to enjoy a cup or mug of coffee. Whether you are a coffee snob insisting on a specific blend, are an aspiring home barista, or simply want to go where the taste is as good as the aroma, this is a good book as gift for a friend – or yourself.
Although it does not pretend to be comprehensive directory of every good coffee shop in the country, the guide covers establishments in all nine provinces. Described for each featured coffee shop is its vibe, types of coffee business hours, kinds of meals offered and whether they have a loyalty programme.

It briefly reviews some of their coffees, and notes special features such as whether the shop is dog friendly, has WIFI (important for those who use their favourite coffee shop as a part-time office!), sells books (after all, what is better than reading a good book while enjoying a well-brewed cup of coffee?) or has outdoor seating available.

Maps pinpointing all the featured shops, detailed contact information and GPS coordinates will help you find your way easily. Also included by coffee-loving author Peter Primich, are details about local green bean and equipment importers, and background information about how coffee is made and enjoyed all over the world.

ISBN 978-1-77026-625-4 Map Studio