In response the “strategic” partnership South Africa has been signed into with Russia on nuclear energy Melita Steele, Senior Climate and Energy Campaign Manager for Greenpeace has said:

“Nuclear power is nothing more than a dead-end: it takes far too long to deliver and will cost much more than South Africans can afford. South Africa needs electricity now – not in ten years’ time and with a trillion rand price tag. This latest deal is taking us one step closer to the construction of new nuclear reactors, but Russia’s ability to deliver on the deals it offers remains untested and its ability to provide finance to markets like South Africa is in serious doubt. We absolutely should not be taking the risk of betting on dangerous nuclear power, it is not the answer to our current electricity crisis, and new nuclear investments put all South Africans at risk.”

Solar power is a potential game-changer for more than 50 percent of Africa’s 1.1billion people who have no access to electricity and may re-position Africa at the forefront of global energy sustainability. This would mean access to medical care technology, clean water, refrigeration to preserve food and digital media for education and greater participation in the information age.”

This is the opposite side of the story as voiced by Gregor Küpper the managing director of Solar World – a company that has been generating solar power in Africa for over 30 years.