January in South Africa is the time when things have not only heated up, but being the hottest time of the year  it is when most plants will struggle to grow as the planting guidelinesoverwhelming heat stifles their ability to blossom. It is also a bit of a conundrum as there is heavy rainfall in some areas such as the Highveld, while this time of the year is when the Cape is experiencing its dry season.  However certain fruits and root vegetables grow particularly quickly as a result of the heat. This is the time to invest in some short term growth as the heat will ensure that these plants ripen sooner than expected.

You can harvest tomatoes daily as they ripen, as well as cucumbers, courgettes and potatoes. Transplant cabbage, cauliflower, beets and spinach into the ground and sow beetroots, broccoli, carrots, onions and lettuces directly into the soil.