The Cape’s magic carpet

In many classic romance films, television shows, or advertisements; there is a montage that has been played out more frequently than Elizabeth Taylor tied the knot or Hugh Hefner changed girlfriends. The scene in question usually involves a young man or woman day dreaming that he or she is running (in slow motion) towards their respective sweetheart through a field of daisies before they lock lips and share their happiness. For those of us who do not have the former, it is consoling to know that as the end of winter approaches, we will definitely have the daisies. Described by many as the ‘Cape’s carpet of colour,’ Namaqualand and the Cederberg become home to vibrant bands of gousblomme, vygies, nemesias and many other wild flowers such as the Snow Protea which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

August and September are the ideal months to view the wild flowers, as this is when they are in the height of their bloom after hiding away during the cold winter months of rain. The wide variety of wild flowers is due to the varied topography as these flowers grow in fertile valleys, on high mountains as well as semi-desert plain. The Cederberg is only a two hour drive from Cape Town which makes for an ideal weekend getaway, and whether you want to rough it or stay in style, there are numerous places where one can find accommodation. If you would like to travel a bit further and have a more relaxed schedule, Namaqualand offers an equally impressive display of colour and is about a six hour drive from Cape Town.

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