This memoir of conservationist Linda Tucker describes her struggle to protect the white lions of South Africa from the trophy-hunting industry. The story of the white lion is a curious one and steeped in mystery and legend. No wonder they are much sought after by trophy hunters and fetch a very high price in their demise.

Her story starts when she is stranded at Timbavati and faced by a pride of lions but saved by a local medicine woman. She leaves her life in Europe behind to find the woman, Maria Khosa, again and is told a prophesy about the Queen of the White Lions. In 2000 a snow white lion, Marah, is born and Tucker then decides to devote her life to freeing the white lions from trophy hunters and establishing a safe home for them.

The book is easy to read and illustrated with some photographs. A percentage of the proceeds is donated to the Global White Lion Protection Trust to ensure the white lions’ survival in their natural habitat.

ISBN 978-1-58394-605-3 Published by North Atlantic Book

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