Earth Day

By: LIB editor

It seems ironic that it takes a volcano erupting in the land of ice to focus the world’s attention on what the consequences are of a massive natural event that defies any scientists or economists predictions or control. The 22nd April is Earth day worldwide and what better time to reflect on the awesome power the earth does wield when her fragile eco-system is thrown out of kilter.

Rainforest-ecosystemIt never ceases to amaze me how politicians and economists focus on the ‘bottom line’ with little regard for the end of the line. The end of the line is what happens when resources reach their end and when our reliance on them is completely compromised. No-one at this stage even knows what the ultimate impact is going to be on the European economy and on all the economies linked to its productivity. The focus is on money and how it can be generated – mostly in an unsustainable ways. Now that we have to focus on how we will recover from this ‘disaster’ I can only hope that it will shift the perspective to give more consideration to a sustainable economy, which considers the resources to hand and the best way of managing them and giving back to them.

As South Africa’s energy question reaches critical heights and we have been forced down the filthy coal road the only option for the general populace is to look at what they can do to be self-sustainable. Water is a critical issue and I would urge everyone who can, to install their own water tanks as well as invest in a gas cooker and hot box to save on cooking costs in the interim.

I remain hopeful that ‘green’ energy will become more of a priority than it is now and that our government will consider the future that lies ahead for all of the children of South Africa should there not be sustainable practises firmly in place.

Greenpeace has encapsulated greed versus need in this powerful short clip.Give earth a hand