Publishing has moved yet again to embrace a new technology that can help bring to life guide books and scientific exploration. Electronic apps (applications) versions of popular non-fiction books make it possible to have interactive and multimedia versions of non-fiction titles via your smart phone or tablet. This technology enable sound bytes, video clips and live links to bring a new dynamis to the reading experience.

There are ‘lite’ (light, or free) versions and paid for options like the transactional nature of certain e-books.

On our radar is the eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa, the interactive version of Field Guide Mammals of Southern Africa by Chris and Mathilde Stuart. It includes details of over 350 mammal species found in the region, high resolution photography, maps, animal-human size comparisons, spoor drawings and skull photographs of most species.

Available for Android as well as Apple platforms. Search for “eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa”.