Review by: Jess Handley


Throughout history, many different people from scientists to media reports have been witness to some incredible symbioses in nature. Some of these symbioses exist for biological reasons, such as rhino and ox-peckers; other for survival reasons, such as the clown fish and the sea anemone, and some because of human intervention, such as cats and dogs. Whoever it may be that witnesses such relationships, no one can contest that they are fascinating things to observe.

However, in her book National Geographic writer Jennifer Holland tells the story of 47 remarkable relationships that occurred in nature, some of which scientists and animal behaviouralists have yet to explain. These unique stories span across a multitude of locations, such as The Macaque and the kitten which takes place in Indonesia, The Asiatic Bear and the Black Cat, which occurs in a German Zoo, to The Iguana and the House cat in downtown New York.

If at any moment in your day you feel as though conflict may be rising with a pet, a colleague, or a loved one, dipping into this book to read a unique story from nature could be the best way to refocus oneself into a positive frame of mind.

Unlikely friendships is available as an e-book on, visit;jsessionid=0928CD94B658F51775E4C9AB5056F760 to order. It can also be found in leading book retailers.

ISBN: 9780761165316