By Jess Handley


Feeding children and making sure they receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids etc that are pivotal for healthy development, can sometimes prove to be a rather uphill battle. But there are many ways to skin a cat, or in this case peel a vegetable. Bearing in mind that when it comes to healthy food nothing is as good as the real thing; a married couple from New York has devised an interesting and slightly wacky way of making healthy food


more appealing.

Published in 2012, Bill and Claire Wurtzel’s book Funny Food is an entertaining recipe book that disguises healthy foods in a variety of shapes, objects, animals and other things. The couple, who are from creative directing and education backgrounds respectively, decided that after hearing too much about child obesity and heart disease they would work towards making healthy food more agreeable to youngsters.

The hardcover book consists of 365 silly and


creative food ideas that will have even the most sensible person giggling at the breakfast table. A silly (but healthy breakfast) is a great way to start the day as a family with young children or for anyone that feels they need to bring more health and humour into the home. Irrespective of age, who could say no a canary look-alike fried egg on toast with olives and mushrooms?

Funny Food ISBN-13: 9781599621111
Published by: Welcome Enterprises
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