If one is a frequent watcher of the popular series Game of Thrones, then the phrase “winter is coming” will be something with which one is familiar. Although for those of us living at the southernmost tip of Africa, we want to tell the characters who perpetually repeat the phrase to put a sock in it- as winter is definitely here. The good news is our winter does not last seven years, and the great news is there are always modern, eco-friendly ways to keep warm; such as the Biofire.

Biofires use bio fuel (made from renewable crops like sugar cane), which is a plant derivative. The flame burns bright and the only emission is carbon dioxide and steam given off in similar proportions as that of a human out-breath. Because there is no smoke you have no need for chimney.


BioFires are a revolutionary concept in home décor, elegantly designed to bring the element of fire into modern living. Place your BioFire in the bedroom or bathroom for a warm, romantic feel; on the dining table as a centerpiece or on the patio to take the chill out of cool evenings.

For more information, please visit: www.biofires.co.za