There are many materials which one might spin into something, for the Miller’s daughter in Grimm’s Brother’s fairytale Rumplestilksin, it was gold, for Dutch artist and designer Greetje van Tiem, it’s something more pratical. This artist has elevated newspaper recycling to an art by hand spinning old papers into yarn. Greetjie makes beautiful objects and gifts incorporating this new weaving technique, and as newspaper is surprisingly strong, so it stands to reason that the yarn would be ideal for utilitarian projects. In addition to newspaper yarn, Greetjie has a range of unique art pieces that incorporate her natural style and use of sustainable products.


To view her 2D and 3D work, visit:

Upgrader has an excellent step-by-step tutorial at handspun-recycled-newspaper-yarn for anyone wanting to try it themselves. Do let us know if you try it out.