A crowd funding campaign to raise funds for a small piece of technology no larger than an old ‘beeper’ has smashed it’s crowd funding goal of earning $15 000 dollars by being pledged over $170 000.

So what could this little gadget be that’s raised so much interest from investors and the general public alike?

Well, it’s called the Sigmo, and it’s a transportable language translator that knows 25 different languages.

How it works:

It has two modes of voice translation. You just simply set your native language, then the language to translate to. By pressing the first button and speaking your phrase SIGMO in turn will instantly translate and pronounce it in a language you have selected. By pressing second button, SIGMO will translate speech from the foreign language, then instantly speak in your native language!

Because of its small, light size, you will be able to take “SIGMO” without any problems on any trip, hanging it around your neck, attaching it to your clothes, belt or strap on your arm with its own special attachment.

Ideal for:

Vacations abroad
Business negotiations with foreigners
Personal meetings
Business trips
Foreign language learning
Any other situation

Watch the video of the Sigmo in action below:

For more information on the Sigmo visit: www.indigogo.com