Most of us know that alkaline batteries are bad for the environment. If not disposed of correctly they can leach toxic chemicals and heavy metals into our soils and groundwater, with potentially severe ramifications. The problem is, it doesn’t seem like there is any short term way with dealing with the problem on a large scale. Sure, we’ve featured some environmentally friendly alternatives on Life In Balance before, but the majority of consumers will continue to buy traditional alkaline batteries and will most likely dispose of them in irresponsible ways. However, when we consider our batteries dead, what we don’t realise is that there is still enough power left to power LEDs.

Energy Seed, an alkaline battery powered LED light and battery collection station aims to use the remaining power of depleted batteries to act as a street light while simultaneously being used as a collection station for used batteries. The unit, which can take multiple types of batteries, sheds a whole new light on battery recycling.
Remember: Reduce, Reuse, THEN recycle.