Swim For Rivers (SFR), an NPO comprising volunteers who work to help address the water crisis facing our country, is donating 450 Hippo Rollers to water scarce Eastern Cape communities this month.

SFR was started by Andrew Chin, an extreme swimmer who swims up rivers to create awareness about the plight of our distressed waterways. He’s been joined by communications consultant Craig Doonan and Leap Communications who volunteer to highlight the critical need to help all South Africans access clean drinking water.

Rural communities have identified one of their greatest needs to be transporting drinking water from rivers to their homes in the dry season when tanks and taps run empty.

SFR has identified Hippo Rollers – mobile water drums — as a temporary relief tool. They carry 90L compared to buckets which carry 20 or 25 litres. By the end of 2021, SFR will have donated over 800 Hippo Rollers to rural communities in the Eastern Cape.

SFR’s goals are to help bring clean drinking water to all and to protect the environment. They achieve this by:

  • Raising awareness of the water crisis
  • Raising funds for donations of Hippo Rollers to those communities most in need of them
  • Extracting plastic from the communities where we donate rollers
  • Arranging and executing river clean-ups

How you can help:

Please like and follow the Facebook page

Donate funds towards a roller here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/sfr-fundraiser

Image credit: All images by Michael Walker