Ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple that gave them the knowledge to know they were naked, there has arguably never been a more iconic story about fruit ever written. However, an art professor in New York has given us somethintrees-3g to think about after creating a tree that produces 40 different types of fruit, all of which blossom harmoniously due to their specific nature.

trees-1 Professor Sam van Aken of Syracuse University has always had a keen interest in grafting trees. He was given the opportunity to acquire a 3-acre orchard from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station where he began to graft buds from the 250 heritage varieties found on the orchard onto a single stock tree. Over the course of five years like a delicately sewn tapestry, Aken grafted similar fruits together onto the same tree, creating the 40 Fruit tree project.

To see more about this incredible project, take look at the video below:



Original article sourced from: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/07/this-grafted-tree-by-artist-sam-van-aken-grows-over-40-different-kinds-of-fruit/