By Jess Handley

Tuesday the 24th of March was a hard day for SoutSA h African cricket fans. After coming so close yet again to winning a Cricket World Cup, the chance to be world champions just slipped through the grasp of the  Proteas once again. However what was lost in the cricket is made up for in tourism and news is Mzanzi is a champion in terms of sustainable tourism.

South Africa won WWF’s earth hour capital challenge last year and this year has outranked the USA in terms of sustainable tourism hot spots.  Responsible Travel, a website dedicated to advocating sustainable and responsible travel throughout the world has published the first league table of tourist boards, and South Africa has gained a top spot alongside Bhutan, Sweden and England. The countries were graded by their tourism boards’ commitment to responsible tourism, as outlined on their websites, and asked whether more should be done to ensure tax payers’ money is being used to touristspromote local over global initiatives.

The national tourist board websites of Responsible Travel’s top 50 selling countries were examined and six questions were asked, relating to tourists boards’ vision, policies and activity in responsible tourism. Some of the questions involved in order to determine a country’s rank related to their policies, responsibility and vision related to environmental and social policies.

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