Grown up gardens

nutritower 2It is no surprise given the increase in world population over the last few decades that many people are opting to live in apartment blocks or flats, as unless one has a family or requires large open spaces for work the former is undoubtedly a more cost effective option. However, living in flat or apartment does come with certain niggling limitations; such as limited visitor parking, the prohibition of pets and undoubtedly the omitting of a really good gardening space. Luckily there are many great air purifying plants and various bulbs that do not need too much sunlight to grow and that can flourish indoors. There are also some fairly nifty planting systems that have been especially designed for smaller living spaces such as terrariums or hanging gardens that are fairly self sustaining.

Another quite marvellous invention is something that has yet to hit the shelves, as it is currently a pilot project is something called the NutriTower, a soil free innovative structure that uses the principles of hydroponics to sustain plants. The NutriTower is a vertical system that is simple, elegant and efficient. The patent-pending vertical lighting design and the gravity fed nutrient delivery system make this the most effective way of growing plants in your home year round.

Hydroponics is the term used when growing plants in water. It is generally much faster than soil based methods because it delivers nutrients in a form that is easier for a plant to absorb allowing it to spend all its energy on generating biomass. A key advantage to hydroponics is that it uses up to 95% less water than conventional methods.

We are not entirely sure how it works, but the design is beautiful and would make a great gardening alternative in any small home. As mentioned, this green wonder is still in the development phase, and is part of Kickstarter’s network of great projects that are trying to make it to mainstream markets.

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