Whether snakes scare you or not, information about them could come in handy for those who like the outdoors. The maps, illustrations and clear descriptions will assist with the identification of common dangerous as well as harmless snakes in southern Africa. Particularly useful are the drawings that show the average and maximum length of the different snakes compared to the height of an average adult human male, as well as icons that show when (day or night) and in what kind of environment (in trees, in shrubs or on the ground) the species is likely to be encountered.

This guide clearly states how venomous and dangerous each snake is, and in addition to general first aid advice relating to snakes, it also provides information about the correct measures to be taken in the case of snakebite for each species described. Its author is Johan Marais, who is a naturalist and photographer, and who has contributed significantly to reptile conservation in the country. He also runs the African Snakebite institute.

ISBN 978-1-775843-023-7 Struik Nature