Gifts that grow

This festive season take a different approach to gift giving with these simple ideas that grow:

5 green fingered gift ideas for the season:

  1. Succulents- Tough, hardy, beautiful. South Africa is blessed with an outstanding amount of fantastic indigenous succulents. They’re a great gift to bring a bit of life into a home or workspace without needing too much love and attention. Succulents are excellent for those who haven’t yet coloured their fingers completely green, but would love a bit of plant life to call their own.

  2. Indoor plants- Indoor plants are a simple and effective way to green up inside spaces- ferns, delicious monsters and other indoor plants are perfect for apartments or rooms that need a little bit of greenery added. Not only can they add beautiful aesthetic elements to indoor spaces, but indoor plants have been proven to improve air quality and peace of mind in homes.
  3. Heirloom Seeds- A selection of heirloom seeds is a great way to give someone who already has green fingers a special opportunity to grow unique and beautiful crops that are locally relevant and resilient.

  4. A DIY planting kit- A planting kit is a great way to get someone growing who is interested in experimenting with growing vegetables or other plants but is stuck on the hump of getting started. Include the essentials like compost, potting soil, seedlings and a planting box, but why not include some organic fertiliser, a book on vegetable gardening and some small gardening tools to take the gift to the next level?
  5. A subscription to a local Community Supported Agriculture project- A fantastic way to keep your loved ones healthy while supporting local sustainable agriculture at the same time. Community Supported Agriculture projects typically deliver a box of fresh organic vegetables weekly or monthly to your area and are a great addition to any weekly shopping.

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