By: Mel

I’ve been out and about this week meeting interesting people from the world of “Sustainability”. Generally a very pro-active collection of thought leaders and scientists, engineers, consumer activists and the heads of brands who hold the keys to a lot of the immediate doorways to solutions for many of the resource issues that are being grappled with. That said I got to thinking just how complicated it is to come to grips with the full gamut of what being ‘sustainable’ entails.

heart_chakra2In the urgent drive towards becoming, and being part of, a sustainable entity, a lot of bandwagons are being jumped on. The ‘green’ bandwagon is claiming a lot of passengers at present with brands making bold statements about how ‘green’ they are or declaring how many major steps are being taken to get them ‘greener’.

The other bandwagon is the grand ‘natural’ one with its passengers, ‘eco friendly’, ‘organic’ and the champions of biodiversity. Somehow the passengers are viewed with deep suspicion, and GM agriculture is leading the attack against their global arrival. The quest to return to sound, earth-based principles that allow for respect, rest and regeneration in order to generate abundance is not yet on the big boy’s radar.

Then there is the wagon of ‘economic development’ and its gargantuan passenger, ‘energy needs’. If all of these wagons trundle off in different directions there won’t be any crash. However, on this journey, there is only one road – the one called earth. Crisscross it all you like, you eventually end up where you started.

The journey towards sustainability is going to require a powerful commitment from all of us in order to reach. The web of interconnectivity can no longerheartchakra be broken up into single compartments without consideration of the other pieces of the whole. Supply chains are vital in rectifying the pollution and waste issues our society faces, as well as the (excuse the pun) drain on water resources. Reduced access to water leads directly to economic contraction. Suddenly the basics become the most fundamental of all and the balance sheets will require serious amendments.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the love centre of our human energy field and if there is a stagnation of energy in this region, the body manifests various heart related diseases. My granny used to say she suffered from heart trouble and advise on tonics for the heart. The universal panacea is love, of course. Miraculous healing occurs in the presence of love. So no matter which wagon you decide to get on, make sure you take some love with you and see if it spurs you ever faster on the journey.