International pressure on our food systems is being felt. From dirty production methods, to vast amounts of CO2 emissions as a result of transporting foods vast distances, from massive food wastage to poor diets and uninformed decisions, the challenges of growing and providing food are becoming increasingly prevalent in our global society.

However, humans are nothing if not an innovative species, and The Farmery, a food production and distribution concept developed by Ben Greene, is making waves in this space. The idea is simply to grow and sell food from the same location, making use of efficient technologies and readily available materials.

Essentially, The Farmery combines food production techniques including hydroponics, aquaponics and mycology with a market style distribution model. This allows for people to really connect with where their food is coming from, as well as reducing inventory losses, transportation costs, emissions and more.

Greene makes use of shipping containers to grow food in limited spaces, a could become more and more applicable in modern day society, especially considering the rates at which urbanisation is occurring. As space becomes a premium, making the most efficient and effective use of said space is vital.

Although Greene is based in the United States, the idea of growing and selling food from one central location has a lot of appeal and potential in the African context, where access to fresh healthy foods is often limited to those with the funds and ability to secure those foods.

This pop-up food production concept has real potential and value in rethinking the way we produce, acquire and consume food.

For more information on The Farmery, visit and watch their promo video below:

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