Although South Africa has the third cleanest water in the world, many people still insist on buying bottled water- and although said bottled water may have been trickling through a mountain for hundreds of years, the plastic in which it is placed is sure to be around for just as long.

Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality that comes with plastic- unless it is recycled it becomes a massive burden to waste management and already overflowing landfills. However, a group of three Spanish industrial design students may have created something exciting that could be the beginning of eradicating plastic bottles for good through their wondrous scientific creation: the Ohoo.

Using notes from molecular gastronomy, the three students utilized a process called “spherification”to create molecular caviar-like orbs. In Ooho’s case, brown algae and calcium chloride make up a thin membrane that can hold water. The weird, somewhat icky result resembles a big, transparent egg yolk.

The result being that the double membrane ensures that the contents remain in a hygienic atmosphere, while labels can be slipped in between the two layers without using any adhesive. Even if you do not wish to eat the strange membrane it is extremely biodegradable, and arguably the best part of this invention is its affordability, as it costs only two US cents to make.

The idea behind the manufacturing process is simple: the three students wish to show the public that anyone can make one of these “spheres” at home, cutting out the big companies and manufactures that have the infrastructure to create packaging.

There are-inevitably- some cons to this interesting invention, such as drinking from it can be messy. However, be that as it may, at least products like this are being considered for a more sustainable, better future.
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