Jamie D Design, a landscaping design company based in Pretoria, has released a small range of green products that are unique and environmentally sustainable. After an intensive research and design process, they are proud to announce their first set of exclusive green products – Garden in a Tube and Post a Plant.

2013-01-22 00.40.19Often I think that the biggest barrier between the desire to act and action itself is a lack of knowledge, and perhaps a feeling of being overwhelmed by all that one does not know. One of Jamie D’s latest products tackles this problem nicely, giving you both the tools and knowledge necessary for designing and creating your own garden. Garden in a Tube is contains all the necessary items, including seeds, a design plan, fertilizer and step-by-step instructions to plant and maintain a small designer-garden. Garden in a Tube was designed to ease the process of installing a garden.

Jamie D has also created a product that allows you to post a living plant as a gift. Post a Plant is a clever way of sending someone a living plant – without running the risk of the plant being damaged along the way. The plant fits inside of a recycled and reusable carton cylinder, entirely shielded from the outside world, until it arrives at its destination. And if you don’t feel like posting it – it still makes for a nifty, easily transportable gift.

Along with these clever environmental products, the team have also created a range of custom-designed chairs. These chairs are made locally and can be used outdoors or indoors. The colourful collection was designed with the idea of creating a playful atmosphere in any area – whether it be in a tea garden, on the patio, in an entrance hall or in a boutique. The bold designs and colours of the chairs give them a hint of attitude without diminishing style.

Jamie D Design strives to design and create quality products that inspire while creating ambience. This dynamic young team are also specialists in landscaping, environmental engineering and outdoor design.

2012-09-29 13.14.56Jamie D’s products, made from recycled, biodegradable or renewable content, tell a story of their origin and the possibility of a sustainable future. This dynamic young team is set to keep producing unique and exciting products – their next set of environmental products will be announced later this year.

All of these products are available exclusively from Jamie D Design –