Since 2001, Restio Energy has been at the forefront of tackling energy poverty in Africa – whether through creating the necessary enabling environments, developing innovative delivery models for sustainable energy access, or practically commercializing clean energy products. However, it is not only in the electricity absent areas that Restio provides energy without a plug. These products can be seriously nifty while out camping, during load shedding, or even on long car journeys!

This bright little bulb is a great substitute for normal bulbs in the home, outdoors or during a power outage. Simply hang it out anywhere outside during the day and let it charge for three hours or more to produce a bright light. This product is so clever; it automatically turns off when other light sources are detected.






Additionally it has an on and off switch that functions the same as a normal light. It is also extremely durable and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you have forgotten to bring it indoors and it starts to rain.

As many people will agree, there is nothing more frustrating that trying to get hold of someone only to have your cell phone dies mid call, especially since modern day smart phones have a very short battery life. Furthermore, almost all of the time it is when you are in the car or not anywhere near a charging point. This neat solar cell phone charger that is smaller than pocket size, charges all kind of cell phones (and has a built in mechanism that lets you know when it is fully charged) is definitely the answer to avoid these sticky situations.

Thanks to Restio’s innovative thinking, now you really can have the sun in your pocket. If you are someone that enjoys cool, funky items for your home or simply something different, try out this fun lighting accessory named “Little sun,” which is quite literally a ball of sunlight shaped as a sun. Only 12cms across, this small light can provide up to three hours of bright sunlight if left in the sun for a couple of hours.

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