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Hemp trumps cotton

By: Steven Daniel So the research for this article started off with looking at Cotton Facts on Cotton SA, and admittedly it really didn’t look that bad. It only takes 3% of the agricultural area of the world and produces…

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Need to know

Stop Shell’s Seismic Destruction

Shell has announced it will start a seismic survey in search of oil or gas deposits from Morgan Bay to Port St Johns on December 1. There was no public participation process and I have asked for the Environmental Impact Assessment…

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Game Changers

Ahoy! It’s Captain Fanplastic…

By: Melissa Baird At the end of 2018, Soapbox South Africa launched an educational programme called Captain Fanplastic, that contributes to the UN’s 14th Sustainable Development Goal. The learning objective is to create a mindset that plastic is #NoTrashButTreasure. The call to action is to pick…

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Off Balance, Wellness

Water – Wiser

By: Melissa Baird I met the Japanese author and researcher; a natural “scientist” Dr Maseru Emoto in 2008, the same year I launched Life in Balance , South Africa’s first conscious-consumer, lifestyle publication. His research in to the power of…

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Food, Game Changers

Cricket Flour Power

By: Melissa Baird I recently attended the Pioneers 18 conference in Vienna, Austria. This slickly produced, high tech conference won the event of the year last year and they sure put on a show. The co-host was a humanoid robot…

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Manners and Murmurations

How to be on your best behaviour when meeting a mob of meerkats By Melissa Baird I’ve been on several journeys to meet creatures that have taken me to extremes I probably would have avoided under ‘normal’ circumstances, like jumping…

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