Former DJ talks about sound healing and frequency. -Check out the crystal bowl bath at the end!

Connecting to your souls purpose through Astrology, Akashic records, Tarot and symbolism. Part One.

The 8 physic senses, and what to do if you are an empath, with David Khan. He also chats to me about moving from rock music, to the 5 frequencies for spiritual growth.

How water absorbs emotion. How to create the perfect environment for your own water nirvana, with biofilm and plants. And a re-set in living water.

How to free your mind to be flexible to adapt to any situation, rhythmical breath that sets you to the rhythm of nature, the interconnection between our thoughts and our breath, sharing happiness, and the inside story on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar starting the Art of Living.

‘If you are an artist, fynbos gives you a whole pallet of textures and colours.’

Yvette talks about her 4 years of building up the soil and natural plants in Cederkloof, and how it has affected the whole community around her.

A few early stories that link to who i am, and tell you a bit about Nicky Felbert. Check out episode #5 if you want to know what course i was talking about. 

Denzil’s life started out as hard as any kid in the Cape Flats. With gang wars and bullets flying, his is the story of survival in a man-made Hell. Losing his dreams to the gang leaders, and becoming one himself. How does anyone pull themselves out of a hole so deep? This is the tale of true leadership and transformation, and the building of a power no one can take away. Contact Denzil Moses for motivational talks, equine therapy, community and youth groups:

Lara Jacoski is a filmmaker living in the Amazon with the Huni Kuin. Capturing their beautiful culture, she talks about going deep into the heart of the Amazon, and connecting with her own heart.

Please check out the gorgeous photos and teaser footage on their FundRazr platform!

Tania is passionate about freedom. Freedom of tension and trauma, and the choice for inner harmony. She shares her many years’ worth of experience studying the human body, and how to deal with stress relief through TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), and Nia dance as a black belt dance teacher.

DreamXchange is about a radical shift into self. Creating employment and a people’s economy where people help people onto the path of prosperity and out of poverty. How do we do this? Through a website a bit like using Tinder in that it uses algorithms to hook you up.

Crypto, birthing a new consciousness. Disrupting our current financial system from the legacy system, to something more organic, Gabrial believes we have reached the edge of what’s possible in hierarchical systems. He talks about crypto currency and how it can move us out of the matrix, chats on his personal experience in different social structures, and gives us some tips on alt coins.

Valentina believes we need to become intimate with reality. She teaches that life is Tantra, and how to exist in constant ecstasy. We talk about life as a Mystery and how to experience it in innocence.

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Information just downloads through Norma. She talks about her guides, what they look like and how she met them. And explains how she is used as an instrument to guide people, but believes we all have access to this kind of connection and intuition.

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