If pollinators designed gardens, what would humans see? What an amazing, amazing Monday morning discovery for anyone that has an outdoor space regardless of size.

It is an app that designs a customised garden for you that will attract and feed pollinators year-round and make a beautiful artwork of flowers for you to admire and enjoy in the meantime. Win-win for everyone.

All you need to do is enter the size of your area (it goes from 0.5 metre squared up), the soil type and how much sunshine that plot of land receives every day.

With the UK having lost up to 70% of its biodiversity including pollinators in the last 40 years, we need to inspire everyone to jump on board to help use every bit of land to rectify this so please share this link with everyone you know that has a piece of grass.

One of the best applications I have seen in ages. Thank you so much Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Eden Project.