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March 2015

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Marine hero

Five swims in Antarctica.. 1 Reason campaigning for the establishment of Marine Protected Areas Lewis Pugh continues to rock records and draw attention to the fragile marine eco-system that are being ravaged by over-fishing, oil prospecting and man-caused oil disasters, …

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Game Changers

Vertical farms

Last month we looked at vertical indoor gardens that functioned on hydroponic systems and just a few days after the last newsletter was sent out I came across an amazing story about a company that has invested in vertical gardening…

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Food, Recipes

Vegan hot cross buns

Nostalgic feelings for warm summer days as the cold starts to set in can be satisfied with a delicious traditional Easter treat that ticks all the boxes for the vegans. Follow this simple recipe: 350g plain flour 5ml ground mixed…

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Products/shop, Shop & The Directory

Be Fair

During Fair Trade Fortnight ( 30March – 12 April 2015)  South Africans can choose from a selection of FairTrade products that aim to seek justice with a chocolate bar, right wrongs with a glass of wine and change the world…

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The land of ice and fire

By Jess Handley When one thinks of some of the coldest places on earth, Antarctica or the North Pole are usually what spring to mind. Popular perception is that Iceland is also pretty cold but there are places that are…

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