Water – Wiser

By: Melissa Baird

I met the Japanese author and researcher; a natural “scientist” Dr Maseru Emoto in 2008, the same year I launched Life in Balance , South Africa’s first conscious-consumer, lifestyle publication. His research in to the power of thought and its impact on water was astounding and prompted me to conduct an experiment that has since then been repeated many times by curious people. Back then I worked as the managing editor for a golf publication. Life in Balance was produced out that office as well and I had a tough time with the paradox that Life in Balance’s first issue was themed “Water” whilst golf courses were famed for their wanton use of it and the golf journalists for their disdain for environmentalists. I was keen to prove something to them. Would this experiment ‘prove’ that water had consciousness and what would that mean for us (as humans) who are -at varying points of our- lives over 70% water?

The method was (and is) simple; take two glass jars, fill each with the same quantity of purified water, add a small quantity of uncooked rice (equal to both jars), label one jar “love” and one “hate”. Put the ‘hate’ jar away from human contact and the ‘love’ jar preferably where you can constantly project affirmative words towards it. Weeks later compare the two. Despite persistent efforts from the golf journalists and publisher (who would randomly walk in to my office and swear profusely at the jar labelled ‘love’) – the experiment proved that the water that was loved didn’t fester – whilst the water in the jar labelled ‘hate’ became fetid and dark.

In the same year Dr Anthony Turton – a scientist and water expert at the CSIR was fired for his report Three Strategic Water Quality Challenges that Decision-Makers Need to Know About and How the CSIR Should Respond CSIR Report No. CSIR/NRE/WR/EXP/2008/0160

It is a fascinating report and in it he outlined three drivers that would impact the country’s ability to develop sustainably (and avoid social collapse). These are: Climate change, Dilution Capacity and Spatial DevelopmentAdd to these the complex historical landscape of South Africa and how access to water was founded on a political agenda, not one based on equal social development, and one can see why he was silenced.

Since then I have had the privilege of learning from and working with Dr Turton. As a result, I understand the fact that water (as much as it responds to conscious thought) is a renewable resource and our future water security will depend largely on the technology that can recycle waste water. Implementing the technology and renovating the waste water treatment plants will require huge political will, investment and a massive shift in thinking to accept that recycled water is the water of the future.  Whilst the politicians obfuscate and deliberate we can at least begin developing our water wisdom and make different choices that are for the love of water, not for its waste.

Have you considered the water footprint of the products you buy and their impact on waste water once used? I wonder how the consumer landscape would change if water intensive products were costed as such; what would a hamburger, beer, soft drink or diamond cost if that was a factor? During this terrible drought (a result of low rainfall, mismanagement and utter lack of knowledge of the hydrological cycle) we are all being encouraged to save water, use less and make use of grey water to keep our gardens alive. But what is grey water made of? The stuff you clean your home, body and clothes with.  Generally, products laden with phthalates, petrochemical derivatives and non-biodegradable entities that once in the water system – stay there.

Consumers need to assimilate into their buying decisions the impact of a product on the water cycle, its water footprint and whether it leaves the water system healthier or not.  Remember the origins of life on this planet, it all emerged from the watery depths. The sea holds great treasure and is also being destroyed by untreated sewerage effluent, single use plastic pollution and unsustainable fishing practises. We live in a closed biosphere and all the water on the planet now is as it was at the time of the dinosaurs. Water constantly regenerates itself if allowed to follow its natural course through wetlands before re-entering the sea or rivers; essential filtration processes that ensure its regeneration and constant ability to be -used. But what is happening now is the pollution of the water sources is reaching a point where it will not be able to be regenerated without highly advanced technology that can return it to usable condition.

This is what Dr Turton meant by ‘Dilution capacity” and it is something we all need to be aware of because what goes in to the sewage systems and what goes into the grey water is a direct result of what we put in to it.  Have you read the labels and are you clear about what the ingredients do to water and therefore to you? I stopped using commercially produced cleaning products over seven years ago as I became aware of the poisons that were used in many of them. I remember picking up a bottle of famous dishwashing liquid and reading the label through a haze of green fluid: Contains “Amongst other things anionic detergents, solubilisers, colourants and perfume”. There was not clarity on what those “other things” may be but I thought of 20million households using this in varying quantities and what that collective impact is on the water treatment plants that are unable to recycle water as it can be in to a regenerative and re-usable resource.

Check the products that you use are not harmful to this our most precious resource and to you.

” South Africa has lost its dilution capacity, so all pollutants and effluent streams will increasingly need to be treated to ever higher standards before being discharged into communal waters or deposited in landfills.”

Dr Anthony Turton – CSIR report

This article is published in Plaastoe – South Africa’s leading agricultural and lifestyle publication.

Enter the Labyrinth – To walk or not to walk…

“The point of a maze is to find its centre. The point of a labyrinth is to find your centre”

By Jenny Griesel

This year marks the 10th annual World Labyrinth Day on 5 May 2018. People all over the world in over 20 countries will globally “Walk as One at One”. Thus a universal wave to promote a more mindful, focused and unified society will sweep the planet as people will walk labyrinths at 13hoo pm in their respective countries. We encourage all South Africans to find a labyrinth in their area (labyrinthlocator.com) and join us at one pm to walk for peace, internal focus and personal strength.

Labyrinths date back 4000 years or more, and are often unicursal singular meandering paths leading to a centre.  They are ancient archetypes with possibly the oldest surviving labyrinth found in a rock carving at Luzzanas Sardinia. (2500-2000 BC). One finds the classic or seven circuit labyrinths on Greek coins from Knossos, Crete (5th to 3rd century BC). They are found in almost every ancient civilization in some way or form, but remain mysterious as we do not know the origin of their design. Herodotus born about 484 BC is the first person known to have used the term “labyrinth.”

In medieval times labyrinths are found in churches, with Chartres Church in France being one of the most well-preserved examples of its time. They were thought to be used for pilgrimages in times of war or famine when long journeys to holy sites where not possible. In modern times labyrinths are found in schools, hospitals, churches, community settings and on private properties. Many people confuse a labyrinth with a maze. Unlike mazes, labyrinths have a well-defined path that leads to a centre and back again. There are no puzzles, dead ends, obstacles or intersecting paths.

Labyrinths have become a blueprint for transformation. Saint Augustine said,  “Solvitur ambulando…. It is solved by walking”. The winding paths of the labyrinth offer a place for the psyche to meet the soul.

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Labyrinths are used as meditation and mindfulness tools.  They aid with mental focus, psychological and spiritual growth, and are places for reflection. Because there is both a kinaesthetic and an introspective process during a labyrinth walk they offer a complete mind-body interactive activity. Used as part of therapeutic processes a labyrinth becomes a metaphor for what is happening in your life.

Tabula Rasa is an organisation of workshop facilitators who make use of the labyrinth as a therapeutic tool for team building, individual processes, family and couple interventions. They facilitate a creative, immersive experience where new tools and skills can be learnt in an interactive, nurturing environment.

For World Labyrinth day 2018 Tabula Rasa is hosting a joint event with Life Riverfield lodge by inviting high school student leaders and teachers in the Fourways area to join an Open Day at the beautiful newly built labyrinth of Life Riverfield Lodge. (This event is by invitation only). The day focuses on mindfulness tools to assist young people with modern, rushed, pressured times. This includes a labyrinth walk in the theme of World Labyrinth Day – Walk as One at One (1 ‘o clock).

Workshops are facilitated by two professionals with over 30 years of experience between them. Dr Leverne Mountany is a Psychiatrist who is a well-known facilitator on national and international platforms. She is enthusiastic about wellness and imparting knowledge. Jocelyn Hall is a Clinical Psychologist who has facilitated extensive corporate processes, team interventions and designed many workshops.

They host workshops at a beautiful full-sized seven circuit labyrinth at Life Riverfield Lodge , and have a portable labyrinth to take to a venue of your choice.

Visit tabula-rasa.co.za or Tabula Rasa workshop facilitators on Facebook.



Kanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference


While visiting South Africa in 2012, Julian Palmer, psychoactive plant expert and spiritual trip guide, quickly realised there was a substantially large enough ‘plant medicine’ community here to warrant a Psychoactive Plant Conference.

Khanyisa’s vision is to bring forth knowledge of psychoactive plant use across the continent of Africa by encouraging research and sharing cutting edge and innovative methods to use the plants, as practiced globally. This will assist us to understand the great healing potential locked within the plant kingdom, for all to experience and use these plants in a safe and beneficial way.

Enjoy this in-depth look into the world of psychoactive healing and the people who practice it.

Healing naturally through Phytoalchemy.

In recent years, since about the early 90’s, alternative medicines have really begun to popularise, slowly releasing western society from the clutches of the Biomedical Model of medicine as the one and only solution for physiological healing. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for biomedical medicine, you wouldn’t call a herbalist to perform an emergency surgery if you’d been hit by a car for instance. But we know now that natural medicine is more effective as a preventative treatment and the treatment of chronic ailments than their pharmaceutical alternatives, because they are safer, especially for long-term use.

Jean-Francois Sobiecki is a teacher, healer and ethnobotanist. Medicinal plants have been important on Jean’s path as a healer and that is why he calls himself a phyto-alchemist;  phyto meaning plants and alchemy meaning the transformation of one state to another – in this case from illness to wellness!

Jean-Francois’ main interest lies in the role of medicinal psychoactive plants (those that treat the nervous system) in healing consciousness. It has taken him on an incredible journey of studying various traditions of plant use from Amazonian and Southern African shamanism, through to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For more information on Jean-Francois’ work, visit his site: www.phytoalchemy.co.za

No prescription needed


It has become fairly common practice that at the first signs of illness a prescription for antibiotics is handed out, like M&Ms with little thought to the consequences of what they may be doing to other, healthy parts of the body (consider destroying all bacteria in the digestive system as one side effect). Although we are lucky to have penicillin readily available, (compared to our ancestors who only lived until 40) nature has done a good job of providing some powerful medicines of its own. Let’s not forget that more often than not, the safest ingredients are usually those we stock in our kitchen cupboards.

garlicOne of the more popular and well known natural cures for all sorts of health issues is garlic. Garlic possesses potent antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties and is able to help protect and facilitate removal of unfriendly bacteria. It is also very high in natural antioxidants that support the immune system.


If eating garlic does not sound too appealing, try a few drops of oil of oregano. It may sound weird, but a few drops of this little remedy have been known to help relieve blocked sinuses, pains caused by colds and flu. Oil of oregano takes care of bad bacteria without disrupting the good bacteria in one’s digestive tract. It is also antiviral and antifungal which makes it a powerful three-in-one combination. The main ingredient in this magic oil is carvacrol, which also happens to be a natural insect repellent.

To learn more about this clever oil, have a look at this illuminating infographic:   https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/infographics/benefits-oregano-oil-infographic/

Echinacea, otherwise known as cone flowers which are part of the daisy family also has healing properties that relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. The root extract of this plant is where the goodness lies, and traditionally, it was ground up and used to treat open wounds, diphtheria, blood poisoning, and other bacterial related illnesses. This ground root/herb is not as tasty as garlic or oil of oregano and it is not advised to infuse it as a tea, but it has been bottled and can be taken in capsule form.

And finally, the most palatable natural antibiotic comes in the form of mānuka honey. Honey is generally well known for its health benefits, but manuka honey is especially powerful. Mānuka honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand and Australia from the nectar of the mānuka tree. Applied topically it can kill a wide pillsrange of pathogens including flesh eating bacteria (in case one was to ever have that problem). It has also been used in the treatment of skin problems such as acne.

Fresh garlic can be bought at your local supermarket. Other products can be purchased from:


Original information sourced from:


SUPA Wraps – Reusable Food Wraps

A colourful and longer-lasting, zero-waste solution for covering leftovers and dishes, wrapping sandwiches in lunchboxes or covering cheese and butter – just like cling film. Except SUPA Wraps (Single Use Plastic Alternative) are vibrantly printed fabrics infused with locally harvested beeswax.

SUPA was launched after founder, Karoline Hanks, visited Maputaland at the beginning of 2017. She was horrified to find one of the more remote stretches of beach (far from any community or river) strewn with bottle tops and other plastic debris, all of it so evidently from the ocean.

She described a profound and moving close encounter with a Leatherback female turtle laying her eggs. ‘Watching her return to the ocean, I had my heart in mouth, knowing the perils she faced in what is rather quickly becoming a plastic soup – all thanks to us. So what can I do? What can we all do? I asked myself.’

Start at an individual level? Karoline started making her own fresh produce fabric bags at home. ‘I marketed them and the demand grew. I soon realised that I needed to increase production and find others to make them for me!’ Karoline explains. Masiphumelele’s “Work for Love” sewing trainees took up the challenge and have produced well over 2000 bags since they started a few months ago, taking 10% on every bag. The fresh produce bags provide an excellent alternative to the single-use plastic barrier bags provided at fresh produce counters and till points.

The SUPA range will be extending its fresh produce fabric bags and shweshwe fabric wraps, to the “forget-me-not” SUPA pouch, which clips onto a handbag. This is stuffed with three collapsible shoppers and three fresh produce bags. The pouch is permanently clipped to one’s bag, so there is no longer the risk of leaving your reusables at home and finding yourself stranded at the till and obliged to take plastic shopping bags!

SUPA Wraps can purchased at Organic Zone, Faithful to Nature and Sustainable.co.za.  Find out more about SUPA Wraps and Fresh Produce Bags at www.facebook.com/SUPAlternatives.com/


Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste

Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste contains Olgani’s signature
NutrireB base, coconut shell activated charcoal and bentonite clay among its ingredients. This non-abrasive, bleach-free formula, gently cleans without any damage to tooth enamel. Essential oils of Peppermint, Spearmint and Tea Tree will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste can be used as a regular toothpaste, twice a day by both adults and children. It is safe to swallow.

Something About Aida

Maryam 2016

I was invited to meet and have a reading with a psychic healer called Aida who comes from Iran, the lost world of Persia with its exotic overtones and vivid history; now out of bounds to most of us due to political disparities and propaganda. It was a moment of synchronicity because I was entering what turned out to be the toughest two months yet and I was seeking some guidance from another source to help guide me through the choppy waters.

I have been to two psychics before. Vernon Frost in my early twenties who was extremely accurate and the psychic who Princess Diana visited often just before I left London. She gave me a clue to a letter that would have a profound impact on me and indeed this has come to pass – but that is another story. But many years have passed since then so when I arrived at Aida’s consulting space (attached to her home) in Claremont I was nervous; sensitive to the information she may discover about me and also to what she may see that I don’t or can’t.

At the gates I was greeted by a beautiful German Shepherd who has a coat of coal dappled shade and whose eyes were friendly and kind. Aida came outside to greet me and embraced me saying “I am not a handshake sort of person.” She welcomed me into the consulting room where crystals bedecked the frame of the table and a statue of an Egyptian cat statue sat silently – as a cat would – on her desk. In this instance the cards really were on the table and as I sat down to face her I immediately felt at once at ease and ill at ease because I know I am about to be ‘seen’ for the first time in a long while.

But before we embark on my journey we chatted about the adventure she had to undertake that brought her to Cape Town and it is here she firmly believes her home is. Aida has been practising for 14 years as a healer and clairvoyant and says her other endeavours always brought her back to this original calling. It is not without its challenges as at times she will have a run of issues that present themselves in different people – like her recent suicide months where many of her clients came to her because they had lost loved ones to suicide. “Traumatic souls” she said and I nod because I too have lost friends to suicide and what impact it had on those who were witness to their distress.

“The work of the spirit challenges you the most,” she said as she looked into my eyes. She has beautiful skin and an energy of calm about her. There is no incense burning in the room but towards the end of our session I could smell a distinct air of sandalwood present.

As she began her reading of me I was astonished and reassured; this woman is powerful and knows what she is talking about. Without divulging many of the personal details she hit upon I can safely say Aida approaches sensitive topics with grace and kindness as she brought the messages I needed to hear; from my late father, my recently deceased and dearly beloved aunt and the baby I had lost. I was shaken but determined to continue because as ever there is something about human curiosity that even my cat would approve of.

I was particularly heartened when she asked me “Are you writing a book?” I am and encouraged now even more so to continue with it.

She moved from the clairvoyant perception to the more tangible card reading dealt from the Dragon tarot. I am not familiar with this deck and was curious to see how they were laid out. I drew 13 cards and again the messages were spot on, predictive and I am reminded it is my strength and will power that will navigate this tough curve ball of change currently underway. I would not say this is a unique situation for me to be in – or for anyone else for that matter – but what is different is the insight she brought me to remind me of my strengths and to council me gently through the weak spots.

As for love she saw my lob sided man and she saw us parting which I knew would happen eventually. That hurt though but how she told me about what we see in others is a mirroring of our own issues made me really take stock at what I was projecting on to him and his opinion of me.

But this was the gem. In being we need to go with the flow and the people who press our buttons are just our mirrors; whomever is giving you the hardest time is actually the one you should be healing, she added that when one truly loves oneself then that is the reflection that will manifest in a relationship. The unhealed relationships that have governed my past are still there she noted and suggested I dance to release the energy to make way for something new. She told me I am a survivor, the one who would go through a tornado and still be standing. I laughed because I felt as if I needed to tie myself to a mast until the storm ended.

My numerology reading was the most interesting one because she told me about the cycles of time within a life and how they reflect the elements water, fire, air and earth. I am in the fire cycle and being a water sign must watch out that I don’t add to much fire and burn out – or too little fire and go cold. My hands were cold but my ears were burning and I smiled to myself.

Her grace and insight were as memorable as her beautiful daughter who walked in to the room just as our session was completing. I couldn’t help but compliment her on her exceptional features and she accepted it with grace and sweetness.

As I departed Aida said to me that she is here, “to serve and to teach” and despite the weight of the information she carried for her clients and the sight she has she continues and reminded me that healing does not have to be traumatic – “it can be graceful and peaceful too, like a beautiful dance through life.”

About Aida:

Aida grew up in a traditionally religious family in Iran BUT with a difference. Her family has been blessed with the gift of being able to communicate with the spirits and use their powers to help those in need. In order to be able to expand her horizons and practice her gifts openly, Aida moved to South Africa, specifically Cape Town because of its well known powerful energy powers.

Practicing from her home in Claremont Aida offers the following services

Mediumship – This is the process in which Aida is used by the spirits to communicate with the living, and for relatives to receive messages from the other side.

Arithmomancy Or Numerology – According to ancient sciences, everything is numbers, everything comes from numbers and will return there. Incorporating numerology with Astrology, using the astrological signs and their related Elements, date of birth and the full name of the person, Aida obtains highly accurate readings.

Tarot Reading – According to some the tarot is named after the torah, or law in Hebrew, comprising the first five books of Moses in the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) which is the written code of Judaism and to which Greek translators gave the name pentakeukhos (Pentateuch) or the book in five rolls.

Healing – In healing Aida channels the energy through the crown chakra to the minor chakras in the palms of her hands and pass it to the client, opening the blocked centre, or balancing the flow of energy in different chakras.
Clairvoyance – Also called clear-seeing or second sight, clairvoyance is the ability to see into the future, Aida sees these images as spontaneous flashes or premonitions about the person or the loved ones relate to them.

Clairaudience – The ability to hear words or sounds that are not part of the material world and to hear channelled wisdom from guides or nature essences, usually these messages transmitted within the mind.

Clairsentience – Clairsentience is an ability to receive information through senses, like smell, touch (psychometry) and feel. In psychometry by touching the object, Aida is able to receive certain information about the current owner or previous owners.

What are the most common reasons people seek advice for? There are various reasons although four major questions are always on the top of the list. 1- life in general 2 relationship 3 finance 4 receiving a message from the loved one who has crossed over.

Facebook – Aidapersian clairvoyant
Email aida.calirvoyant@gmail.com
Tel for bookings: 071 369 2004
Aida practises out her home in Claremont and at venues around South Africa.

Cover Photo Credit
Anders Jildén

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge Your Dreams

Originally featured on EWAO by Laura Weber.

Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level.  Plants are our food, our medicine, and are also catalysts to the expansion of our consciousness.  Throughout our daily lives we are more likely to coast by using our automated behaviors and modes to experience our reality, but at night those boundaries are broken down and our spirits fly.  These 7 plant allies can stimulate our consciousness to expand opening us to alternate experiences of reality and new ways of perceiving our selves and surroundings;

1- Xhosa Dream Root – Vivid and Prophetic Dreams


Silene Capensis, or Xhosa Dream root is most associated with the Xhosa people of South Africa who are knows to ingest this herb to induce vivid and prophetic dreams.  This herb is often used by the Xhosa in the initiation rites of shamans and is believed to open up pathways of communication to ones ancestors. It is believed that the ancestors are most likely to communicate in the dream state.  The root is ground into a powder which is mixed with water and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.  The effects are apparently slow to be induced and will take effect by the nighttime.  According to entheology.com, “The effects of S. capensis usually manifest during sleep as prophetic lucid dream states that are rich with significance.  Individuals do not usually perceive any effects in the waking state, although one individual did report perceiving wavy lines of light in the air about twenty minutes after consuming the root.  The dream state is often compared to going under water by the Xhosa.  Interestingly enough, it is said that the plant has no effects on individuals who are not meant to be diviners.

(Image Source: Silene Capensis)

2- Celastrus Paniculatus – The Elixir of Life

This amazing herb is not only known to promote the incidence of lucid dreaming and dream recollection for those who take it, but has often been called the ‘intellect tree’ because of its long history of use in ayurvedic medicine as an herb to help with mental focus, longevity, and memory.  Users have reported that by adding 10-15 Celastrus paniculatus seeds into their daily regimen, they notice a marked improvement in cognitive function, ability to focus, and sharpness.

(Image Source: Celastrus-Paniculatus)

3- Blue Lotus – Mind Body Spirit Herb


Blue Lotus was among the most sacred of plants to ancient Egyptins. It grew throughout Egypt where its consciousness-enhancing properties were well known and taken advantage of.  The Blue Lotus was associated with the origins of life and the divine perspective.  According to iamshaman.com the plant was used in Egypt to stimulate the sex drive and, “Egyptian medicinal practitioners also used this flower to stimulate blood flow, and as an anti-aging treatment.  The ancients worshipped Blue Lotus as a visionary plant and it was the symol for the origins of life.  When this flower was soaked in water or wine, and then ingested it acted as an intoxicant.”  Considered very sacred, the Blue Lotus was used to reach euphoric states of visionary consciousness.

(Image Source: Blue Lotus)

4- Wild Asparagus Root – Fly by Night

Wild Asparagus Root

Wild Asparagus root, according to some old legends throughout Asia, allows the consciousness to fly during sleep.  Journeying into other dimensions and places while asleep are common associations with this adaptogenic herb.  Adaptogenic herbs help the body better adapt themselves to stresses that they face. This herb is also a respiratory and kidney tonic, helping to heal the body while letting the mind soar.

(Image Source: Asparagus Root)

5- African Dream Bean – Master Spirit Connections

African Dream Bean

Growing along the coasts of Madagascar, Southern Africa, Australia, and Asia, this common bean is used in a wide variety of ways by an array of people groups throughout the world.  Its uses vary from a skin treatment to a food given to teething babies to relieve pain.  However this bean’s most well-known and interesting use is its traditional use in South Africa to induce intense lucid-dreaming states in which a person is able to communicate with the spirit realm.  For its consciousness-altering properties, the meat inside the bean is eaten.

(Image Source: Dream Bean)

6- Mexican Tarragon – Grow a Garden of Herbs for Dreaming

Mexican Tarragon

Mexican Tarragon is commonly grown in gardens and used as an herb for flavoring in cooking. Also known as Mexican Marigold, its flowers are associated with Dia De Los Muertos celebrations and observances.  The herb can be used in a variety of ways to induce lucid dreaming from burning as incense, smoking before bedtime, or infused in water as a tea.

(Image Source:  Mexican Tarragon)

7- Mugwort – A Versatile Dreaming Herb


Throughout the ages Mugwort has been a widely used herb in Europe associated with treating digestive or parasitic troubles and as a dream herb.  Mugwort, like Mexican Tarragon, can be smoked, burned as an incense, or drunk as a tea.  Mugwort is known to also stimulate lucid and meaningful dreams.  It can also cause things deep in the subconscious to be exposed during dream-time.

(Image Source: Mugwort Leaf)


Main Featured Image Source: Juan Carlos Taminchi art.

**This list originally appeared on quantumstones.com by Stephanie Lucas.

Sources: resistance2010.comentheology.comiamshaman.comnyishar.com

7 Ways to Increase the Good Vibes in Your Home

By Morgan Potts

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In the past I’ve written about raising your body’s vibration with clean, fresh, high energy foods. Eating this way makes you feel so much more alive, inspired and eager to enjoy the magic of each day. Now I’m taking it a step further, and giving you some tips to energetically cleanse the rooms in your home, office or space.

We cleanse our home energetically in order to welcome good, high vibration energy into your space, and clear away any negative vibes. This way, not only are our bodies vibin’ high and in total alignment with our dreams, but so is our home.

A home filled with good vibes brings on better conversation, meditation, cooking, working, creativity and so much more. There will be less fights, misunderstandings, arguments and sadness. The place you spend most of your time should be a space you want to spend time in, and create beautiful things.

Feel the energy, love your space, sink into its bliss!

1. Burn Sage

Burning smudge sticks made from sage, or any other purifying herb, like lavender, or sweet grass is energetically purifying to the home. Burning sage clears any unwanted energies out of the room, and welcomes high vibration, good energy in its place. After an argument or fight, it’s a great idea to burn sage to move that energy out, and move on. Go through each room of your home with a burning smudge stick, waving it in a clockwise motion with thoughts of cleansing and positivity.

2. Ask “do I really need this?”

Every few months it’s a great idea to go through your house and think about what things are truly necessary for you to keep. Figure out which of them you can donate, throw away or give to a friend.

As humans we tend to collect way too many items that we will never EVER use. Keeping these things in our homes is only making us cluttered, cramped and overwhelmed. It can be super therapeutic to get rid of the things that no longer serve us. Let go, allow the energetic release… go with it. The items we hold on to could be saying a lot more about us, and you may find a deep message about your self during this release.

Extra tip: you may find it easier to do this during a new moon, where our bodies and mind are releasing and able to let go more easily.

3. Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

I absolutely love pink salt, and I use it for all my cooking. But there’s so much more it can do! Crystal lamps give off a sweet glowy vibe that makes you feel good just by looking at it. The pink/orange color affects us both physically and emotionally. It gives off a comforting feeling of safeness and security. It’s even said that this light is good for our nervous system, kidneys and bladder.

Salt lamps also give off negative ion particles. Negative ions cling to positive ion particles (which we don’t want) and weigh them down to the ground so that they aren’t floating through our air and putting us out of balance. This is a simple way of energetically cleansing and purifying the air. Good vibes!

4. Singing and Dancing

Moving your body with the rhythm of your emotions is healing to the mind and soul. And singing like no one can hear you, with fire and joy, can be such a release. Let the spirit move you!!!! As you swing and howl or scream with passion, you are filling each room with your uplifting, animating vibration.

[Also read: 9 Healing Benefits of Music]

5. Beeswax Candles

Another way to produce those lovely negative ions is by burning all natural 100% beeswax candles. Beeswax gives of a soothing deep yellow glow. This is stress reducing and puts us in a “feel good” mood. At the same time, negative ions are produced, cleaning the air, and also weighing down allergens and other irritating particles.

Plus, beeswax smells amazing. This is such an inviting aroma, the subtle sweetness of honey is oh so delicious. I could spend hours just gazing at a lit beeswax candle and breathing in its intoxicating aroma. This really soothes the soul.

6. Meditate

Having a clean energy in your home enhances meditation. And meditation enhances the energy in your home! So this is a win-win situation. There are countless benefits to this practice, and this inner work seeps into the space around us, too. I can definitely feel this good energy in the home of other meditators, too.

The meditation practice I do is Transcendental Meditation, which is done twice daily – and has quite honestly changed my life. If you think you’re ready to learn, reach out and I can get you in touch with a recommended teacher.

7. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the best ways to vibe up your space with fresh fragrance and good energy. Each essential oil has its own qualities, and characteristics, and you can choose based on your mood. Sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit are very uplifting and cleansing. Lavender and frankincense will be calming, and good for stress relief and relaxation. You will need an essential oil burner to diffuse these aromas. This is also the secret to having the best smelling house on the block!!

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Love Your Space

These vibrations live in the walls, in the plants and the breaths of each human living here. Good vibes remain, and can always be recharged, cleansed and powered up again. You can never do any of this too much. Keep it going, and keep it energized. Love your space.

Dwelling in a home of good vibrations connects us deeper to our inner divinity. It brings us closer to unlocking the potential we all have within. This lets our hearts move freely. You will FEEL this energy. Let it charge you up, and come alive! Open up, and welcome this love and abundance into your life.

I’ve put together a list of the products I talked about in this article all in one place to help. These are brands I approve of and use in my home — you can see or purchase them here: Check out the Amazon store here.

(Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article next week)

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