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Upping the ordinary

In 2003, a fabulous film entitled Second Hand Lions showed the story about a young boy named Walter who goes to live with his two eccentric uncles in rural Texas. In the first half of the film, one of the uncles orders a lion from a circus animal dealer, with the intention of killing it […]

Getting the green light

Since 2001, Restio Energy has been at the forefront of tackling energy poverty in Africa – whether through creating the necessary enabling environments, developing innovative delivery models for sustainable energy access, or practically commercializing clean energy products. However, it is not only in the electricity absent areas that Restio provides energy without a plug. These […]

Moving forward, one bike at a time

South Africa is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, making leaps and bounds to becoming an international stakeholder in various sectors and setting the pace for other growing countries across the continent. Even though there has been much progress as a country, there is still a stark lack of safe, reliable public […]