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Environmental Law

How you can fight environmental issues Global warming is going to change the environment, and our love of material things, use of fossil fuels and demand on the planet’s resources are thought to be the cause. Man’s impact on the environment has often been without regulation or enforcement and because of that the environment has suffered. As our […]

Something About Aida

I was invited to meet and have a reading with a psychic healer called Aida who comes from Iran, the lost world of Persia with its exotic overtones and vivid history; now out of bounds to most of us due to political disparities and propaganda. It was a moment of synchronicity because I was entering […]

Rapt attention

Returning one of the fastest animals on the planet  to her freedom in the sky It has been a life-long fascination and dream of mine to apprentice to a falconer. These Peregrine falcons and the incredible relationships they have with their falconer activate my curiosity, which is born of wanting to fly, of wanting to […]

Organic food: reasons why it’s better for you

Organic food isn’t only pesticide and herbicide free; it’s non-GM, contains no hormones and antibiotics, preserves the ecosystem, sustains livelihoods and even improves your mood and sex life. You are what you eat. So said French lawyer and politician Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826, who, in an article written for Physiologie du Gout, declaimed that the food you eat […]

Switch to organic without stress this spring

By Paula Wilson Top tips on how to conveniently make your food and drink more nutritious You are probably aware that the foods you buy from your local supermarket – even the fresh ones – are likely to be laden with hidden toxins, preservatives or hormones. This is because they are produced en masse, packaged, preserved and […]

The fruits of one man’s labour

  Ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple that gave them the knowledge to know they were naked, there has arguably never been a more iconic story about fruit ever written. However, an art professor in New York has given us something to think about after creating a tree that produces 40 different types […]

Printing with a purpose

Each year, more than 300 million tons of paper is produced, and on average one office worker will print a staggering 10 000 pieces of paper per year, despite the widely used line that hovers at the end of many emails “think before y ou print.” Although the use of printing paper may be seen […]

Urban agriculture helps city grow

Cape Town’s growing interest in urban agriculture is set to change the city’s attitude towards food security and sustainable food production. Across the world, in spaces where food was often taken for granted, more people are becoming aware of the urgent need to embrace urban agriculture on a citywide scale and work across socio-economic divides. Rob Small, Co-Director […]

14 Surprising Food Facts That Food Labels Don’t Show

Good nutrition is considered to be an important part of maintaining good health and leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, every day we have to make wise food choices for a balanced dietary regime. Even though it sounds like a piece of cake, choosing the right food product can sometimes be harder than it seems. Fortunately, food products contain […]