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Enter the Labyrinth – To walk or not to walk…

“The point of a maze is to find its centre. The point of a labyrinth is to find your centre” By Jenny Griesel This year marks the 10th annual World Labyrinth Day on 5 May 2018. People all over the world in over 20 countries will globally “Walk as One at One”. Thus a universal wave […]

Creatively addressing environmental concerns

There can be little doubt that our little planet is in need of attention; we’ve known for some years that we’re running out of fossil fuels and that deforestation is a major problem, and that the effects of climate change may soon become permanent or irreversible. Awareness surrounding global and environmental concerns is nothing new, […]

No prescription needed

  It has become fairly common practice that at the first signs of illness a prescription for antibiotics is handed out, like M&Ms with little thought to the consequences of what they may be doing to other, healthy parts of the body (consider destroying all bacteria in the digestive system as one side effect). Although […]

Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste

Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste contains Olgani’s signature NutrireB base, coconut shell activated charcoal and bentonite clay among its ingredients. This non-abrasive, bleach-free formula, gently cleans without any damage to tooth enamel. Essential oils of Peppermint, Spearmint and Tea Tree will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste can be used as a […]

Environmental Law

How you can fight environmental issues Global warming is going to change the environment, and our love of material things, use of fossil fuels and demand on the planet’s resources are thought to be the cause. Man’s impact on the environment has often been without regulation or enforcement and because of that the environment has suffered. As our […]

Something About Aida

I was invited to meet and have a reading with a psychic healer called Aida who comes from Iran, the lost world of Persia with its exotic overtones and vivid history; now out of bounds to most of us due to political disparities and propaganda. It was a moment of synchronicity because I was entering […]

Rapt attention

Returning one of the fastest animals on the planet  to her freedom in the sky It has been a life-long fascination and dream of mine to apprentice to a falconer. These Peregrine falcons and the incredible relationships they have with their falconer activate my curiosity, which is born of wanting to fly, of wanting to […]