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7 Ways to Increase the Good Vibes in Your Home

By Morgan Potts Guest Writer for Wake Up World In the past I’ve written about raising your body’s vibration with clean, fresh, high energy foods. Eating this way makes you feel so much more alive, inspired and eager to enjoy the magic of each day. Now I’m taking it a step further, and giving you […]

Here’s the Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe that People are Using as a Chemo Alternative

By Arjun Walia from Collective Evolution Awareness with regards to cannabis as a treatment and potential cure for cancer has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Several studies over the last decade have clearly (without question) demonstrated the anti-tumoral effects of the plant. Cannabinoids (any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and […]

The Story of the Chinese Farmer

Posted by Chris Agnos on Films for Action “The whole process of nature is a process of immense complexity and it is really impossible to tell whether something that happens in it is good or bad.” A parable about life and nature narrated by Alan Watts, animated by Steve Agnos, and with music by Chris Zabriskie.

Words of Wonder: Openings to the Natural World

By Caspar Henderson, Featured on the Ecologist All too often language is used to objectify nature, writes Caspar Henderson. But there’s another, older vocabulary – introduced in this ‘counter-desecration phrasebook’ – that achieves the reverse: connecting us with the wonders of life and arousing delight in the natural world. “The hollows of its trees were routes […]

15+ Ways to Recycle Your Old Furniture into a Fairytale Garden

By Julija Nėjė Just because a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your home doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful! With the right attitude and a mind for DIY projects and recycling, old pieces of furniture can find a second life as beautiful garden decorations! Garden design is tons of fun because it lets […]

If You’re Feeling Sad About the State of the World, Listen to These Wise Words from Eisenstein

By Sophie McAdam on True Activist ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible’ is a short film featuring Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics and The Ascent of Humanity. Produced by Sustainable Human and with stunning direction by Ian MacKenzie, it is an incredibly sad, yet hopeful, video. Filmed at dusk on a beautiful Scottish beach, […]

Addicted to Sugar

By Melissa Baird In the last issue of Green Home magazine I ran a review on the book that offers an 8 week programme to kick the sugar and carb habit. I never believed I would write about this issue as if I was writing about the highest form of drug addiction (pun intended) however […]

Abundance of Water

In this video, Alosha shares his knowledge of the current water situation in a drought-stricken South Africa. He also provides us with some great water wise tips and practical solutions for our own gardens and homes so that we too can help conserve water and sustain our beautiful environment!